Heroes vs Ancestors

Published December 27th, 2019 by Marcus Antebi

We live vicariously through celebrities like athletes, actors and extraordinary famous people. In contrast, ancient people reflected on the lives and deeds of their ancestors and the tribe group members.

Modern people no longer feel the true spirit of their heroes because they are purely fictional characters. This maybe a problem. We learn by example. If our examples are from fictional characters, we tend to drift into fantasy and this can adversely affect the way we see the universe.

Human beings have a deep desire to transcend being "ordinary." We love magical thinking and we love pretending. This is a way children cover for a lack of knowledge. As we mature we need to let go of pretending something is a certain way. We need to see things for the way they are.

That is why we utilize the spirit of our teachers, ancestors and our current tribal members to guide us. It is difficult for people to rise up to the extraordinary levels they desire without grounded teachers and teachings. 

We are trained from youth to live vicariously through others to replace our own real personal experiences.This is not truth. We must experience as much as we can in life. This is how we learn. We must also then share our experiences with others. Provided, that the lessons are fair, compassionate and just. Non-harm is a great way to measure our thinking. Keep our garbage to ourselves. Bury it for no one to see.

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