Marcus Antebi was born in Brooklyn, NY 1969. Back then his father had variety of stores including electronic stores and discount stores. His father later repositioned himself as an antique dealer in the 1980's. Marcus grew up in retail and it was his passion for sports nutrition and a holistic approach to healing that prompted him to start Juice Press.

The first store was on East 1st street in New York. Circa 2010.

At age 14, he found himself reaching a bottom with Marijuana so he voluntarily admitted himself to a rehabilitation center and is clean and sober every since. (Thats 34+ years.)

“I first learned how to crash-diet in order to weigh in at 140lbs. for my first fight in 2004. I was fighting frequently, and regularly cutting down weight. This was painful and mentally draining. It wasn’t until the end of my competitive training and fighting that I figured out the obvious benefits of a plant-based diet which included superfoods, raw juices, and lots of salads. My dissatisfaction with the commercial juice and raw food industry in New York sparked the idea for Juice Press.”

The Juice Press Story

After selling his skydiving company and returning to work for his father (2003-2008,) he decided it was time to leave and pursue his dream of being in “food-retail.”

“I worked on the business plan for Juice Press for 10 months and when I found that first store on East 1st Street it was the most exciting rush of my life. Yet, I was still incredibly unsure of myself. I understood retail but I was sure if I understood the food business. Frankly, my father thought that he was going to have to support me for the rest of his life!! He did not like the idea of Juice Press and he hated that first location.”

In 2012, entrepreneurs Kenny Dichter and Mark Teixeira along with investor Michael Karsch, all rolled up their sleeves and dove head first into building the company. A short time later, Mr. Karsch became the CEO of Juice Press and the lead investor.

Fred Bisci: Nutrition Mentor

Marcus’ food mentor has been the wonderful Fred Bisci. They speak with each other on a regular basis about very technical and critical aspects of nutrition.

“Fred has been like a second father to me. His knowledge base is unparalleled. Fred has been 100% raw vegan for over 50+ years. Fred is the healthiest and happiest person I know. I’ve never met a man with greater integrity and more knowledge of nutrition and self healing. I am lucky and grateful to have him in my life.”

Over the years, Fred has taught Marcus about optimal health. Fred’s teaching is that the key to health is in “what you leave out of your diet.” “The body has a remarkable ability to heal itself,” Fred teaches. “By eliminating processed foods and other dietary mistakes, we allow the body’s natural pathway to healing to remain open. Beyond that, great health comes from consuming a lot of raw greens, especially in juices, and a lot of raw fruit juices, (if your individual chemistry permits.)”

By the way I have a amazing wife. Teresa Lourenco-Antebi. My Queen. My savior. What a great lady.